WVFO Ben Gray Founder and CEO

Benjamin Gray

CEO, Founder

Benjamin Gray was born into a family of 9 kids in a rural town in northern Arizona.  The combination of being part of a large family in a small town helped engrain the value of helping friends and family alike. This sense of duty for the community has guided Ben throughout his life.

At a young age, Benjamin joined the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC). During college breaks, he paid it back by becoming a mentor for the YCC.  It was also during his breaks from student life that saw Ben serving his community in other ways. He coached youth and high school summer basketball camps. He also became a mentor for two young kids through the Big Brothers of Flagstaff. Back at college Benjamin had his first interaction with troubled young adults.  His alma mater, Fort Hays University, had opened its dining hall to a local nonprofit serving at-risk youth, and Benjamin enjoyed speaking with and learning about these children.  This connection spurred Benjamin to realize he wanted to work with and help this particular population.

After a successful career, Benjamin decided he needed to return to his passion of helping children.  This dream was realized by spearheading the opening of two group homes for teens, as well as an outpatient clinic. While challenging at times, he was incredibly gratified when the kids were able to be reunited with their families. He loves making a positive difference in a child’s life. By starting West Family Outreach, Mr. Gray hopes to reach more at-risk kids and continue to serve his community.