WVFO Kaleigh Clinical Director

Jacqueline Kaleigh Rogers, LCSW, MPA

Clinical Director, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Jacqueline Kaleigh, who has gone by her middle name of Kaleigh since childhood, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker honored to walk alongside those facing community violence, a diagnosis of PTSD, high-risk behaviors, and more. Kaleigh lives life with a big smile, humor, compassion, and a fire to serve. Her work philosophy creates a supportive space for those she meets to heal, grow, and shine like the incredible people they are.

Kaleigh offers the opportunity to explore and discover new perspectives and possibilities of thinking and being in the world. She develops real relationships with youth and families that are long-lasting and personal. In the context of these relationships, Kaleigh offers safety allowing her to support healing past hurts, finding a strong ground in the present, and building a future with new possibilities. Kaleigh’s aim is to nurture youth and families back to health. She inspires and brings life back to families so they can genuinely communicate and support each other. In turn, she is inspired everyday by the lives young people lead.

Professionally, Kaleigh has been dedicated to providing trauma-based therapeutic counseling for youth experiencing traumatic events, mental health concerns, and the criminal justice system. She is a nationally certified trauma therapist, uses creative outlets for expression, and has extensive experience connecting others to a permanent support system. Along with her first love in walking alongside youth, Kaleigh is passionate for professionals who serve the community and are experiencing residual effects from the helping professions. Kaleigh believes mental health care is as important as physical health and that it should be accessible to everyone.

When she isn’t actively enjoying time with other people, Kaleigh takes care of a zoo in her home (many rescue cats and a dog who thinks he’s a cat), listens to music, spends time with her family, takes deep breaths, eats good food, and connects spiritually to her higher power.